Building | Marketing | Promoting

Aug.   15/16  Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Marketing
Aug.   17/18  Turning an Idea into a Business and Target Marketing
Aug.   23/24  Business Planning and Non-Verbal Communication
Aug.   25/26  Market Research
Aug    30/31  The Fundamentals of Branding
Sept.      1/2   Creating a Brand
Sept.      8/9   Branding 102
Sept.   13/14  Social Media 101
Sept.   15/16  Creating a Media Portfolio

Sept.   20/21  Refining a Media Portfolio
Sept.   22/23  Business Presentation at Pita Group
Sept.   27/28  Reflection and Interactive Games
Sept.   29/30  Graduation Day and Interactive Games
The Young Entrepreneur course was created by the CPBN Media Lab. Thirty Hartford area high school students completed the seven week program. Original instructional materials, including powerpoint presentations, activities, worksheets and quizzes were created by the CPBN Media Lab. Additional materials were provided by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Money Instructor, Self- Counsel Press, The Co-Operative Group, and the Pita Group. The CPBN Media Lab course for Young Entrepreneurs was created by Paul Pfeffer, Julia Kwon and Anna Nalitov. The course was taught by Paul Pfeffer and instructional assistants, Julia Kwon, Anna Nalitov and Sam Hockaday. In addition to judging the students business presentations, the Pita Group's Paul Pita and Jenny Smith created and acted as instructors for two classroom sessions, Branding 102 and Social Media 101.